Local Fund Expands to 150 Properties

Battle Monument Group (BMG), a private real estate fund in Richmond, VA, has reached the significant milestone of 150 properties. BMG’s business model focuses on purchasing stabilized, single-tenant retail properties with an emphasis on discount retailers, primarily Dollar General stores. Their properties are located across 25 states, concentrated mainly in the Southeast. 

Peter Stark, one of BMG’s General Partners, provided his thoughts on how this strategy has served BMG.

“We are very calculated regarding which assets we buy and why we buy them. We deploy investor capital as well as our own, and that is a responsibility we take very seriously when making purchasing decisions.” Peter added, “We have multiple requirements that we consider during our diligence period, and each property must meet all criteria before we deploy capital. We prioritize value and will aggressively invest or comfortably step back as the market dictates.”

Over the last three years alone, BMG has acquired 127 of the 150 properties. With 2023 yet to be completed, they have made 15 new property purchases this year, with several still in the pipeline. Additionally, BMG has ventured into a new state with two properties in Wisconsin this year, expanding their portfolio further west. 

When asked what he attributes this steady growth to, Peter said, “BMG’s growth comes from the trust our investors have in us to deliver what we promise. We have paid consistent distributions for thirty-three consecutive quarters, and our investors have rewarded our reliability with a 70% reinvestment rate. We believe in value and patience, and we remind our investors that ‘slow and steady’ wins the race. The General Partners take honesty, honor, and character very seriously. We learned these qualities as West Point cadets and have practiced them every day since, both personally and professionally.” 

This milestone is a result of the trust placed in BMG by their investors, the dedication of the team, and their continued hard work to expand Battle Monument Group’s impact.