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We are a group of veterans who own and operate a series of private real estate funds focused on providing stable fixed income to our investors. We are proud to have over 400 investors who have put their trust in Battle Monument Group.  Our ten-year track record of consistent returns has led to a nearly 70% voluntary reinvestment rate by these investors.



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Celebrating over 8 Years Of Stability!

Weather And Financial Markets Are Volatile. Your Investment Partners Shouldn’t Be.

~ William John Oliver, Founding Principal & Fund Manager

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BMG Yield Fund II is now open to accredited investors

Delaware Statutory Trust (DST), Designed for 1031 Exchange Investors.

Meet Our Founders

Beginning in 2014, we set out to build fixed-income funds tailored to the needs of veterans and industry-leading professionals. We found that investing in stabilized, single-tenant properties with investment-grade tenants leads to consistent dividend yield. The result is an easily understood product, producing consistent quarterly distributions that are above market, with low underlying risk and volatility, making it perfect for the fixed income portion of a balanced portfolio.

Fund Objectives


Acquire and hold net-leased commercial properties to provide investors with a stable dividend yield.


Minimize risk by investing in properties in targeted market segments, with lease income that exceeds debt service and with long-term stability for the tenant.


Realize consistent growth in the value of the properties and the portfolio through scheduled rent increases, providing preferred returns to investors and stakeholders upon capital events.


Allocate a portion of surplus yield for Veteran charities after the payment of preferred returns and the return of the original principal to our investors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is not a requirement. Most, but not all, of our investors are veterans. The fund is run by veterans with a mission to increase the economic power of veterans and industry-leading professionals. We also make regular donations to veteran charities after the payment of yield to our investors.

To be accredited, you would need to have a net worth of at least $1,000,000, excluding the value of your primary residence, OR have an income of at least $200,000 each year for the last two years (or $300,000 combined income with your spouse). In addition, persons who carry specific professional certifications are considered sophisticated and accredited.

Our current fund, BMG Yield Fund II, has a 6% annual yield paid in quarterly installments beginning from the date of investment, plus 60% of cash from capital transactions (following payment of Class A Member preferred return and return of Class A Member capital).

Yes, absolutely. The key is getting you set up with an account with a self-directed option, and then it’s just a matter of directing that investment amount to one of the BMG funds. We typically work with Midland Trust, an unaffiliated custodian, to help with that process.


By using a third-party administrator, you never take possession of those funds, and they maintain their tax-deferred status through the transfer as long as they stay in that account with BMG. You will still receive quarterly statements and see how your earnings are accumulating and the impact of annual compounding.

Yes, you can choose to either take regular payments (by ACH) of your quarterly yield or reinvest and compound them if you wish.

Yield payments from DST investments cannot be reinvested. Please consult a fund manager for more information regarding a DST investment.

We now have over 150 properties under management and 30+ consecutive quarters of consistent performance. We have never missed, nor altered, a quarterly yield payment for any investor. We have reached $105.4 million in capital deposits over the lifespan of the company and currently have a nearly 70% reinvestment rate from existing investors.

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